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teppouo's Journal

18 November 1988
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I'm Tony, aka the TOKIO fan guy. I'm a musician, it's my life, and TOKIO continues to be my number one influence and inspiration. I'm also an avid V6 fan as well as a Johnny's fan in general.

This is kind of a lousy profile but I'll probably updated as I get more motivated. If you have any questions at all just message me or IM me or whatever it is you'd like to do. I always add back people who add me, since I assume they generally have a reason for doing so. If you do decide to add me just let me know you did, introduce yourself or something or whatever so I'm not completely confused. I like meeting new people and I don't bite :) Hope to hear from you soon!

I'm also a huge dork and collect the Tomy Pokemon MC Figurines. If you're interested in selling or trading please let me know!