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25 July 2012 @ 04:44 am
Big decisions  
So I've decided, once and for all, that the best way to combat this thing is to hit it head on. I realized that in all my mopey-ness that I have been neglecting the things I really love in life. That being said, I've decided two things: Number one is that I'm going to quit my job. This is a pretty big decision but I've decided this for a number of reasons, mainly because I'm just not happy there. This of course does not mean I will not still be applying other places, but in the mean time I feel like I need to take some time to better myself...and I mean actually do it. As guilty as I feel having to be fully dependent on my parents' income to supplement my rent (and I mean, like, really incredibly guilty even though they insist I should not) the reality is that I'm gaining very little from my job and realize that I need to focus on doing me.

The problem with THAT is that I have no motivation to do so :( that brings me to point two. The best way for me to stay busy and productive while keeping up with what I love is for me to work on a song a week. Every week, I should be responsible for one song. Either this will be an original piece (belonging to one of my two ongoing projects, a song for my band or just a solo song) or it will be a cover. With that in mind, I am taking suggestions for covers! I feel like I could definitely be even more motivated if people were involved in the process, after all :) oh, and it goes without saying that I will post any work done here to mark my progress. This will also help me improve as a musician and feel more confident in my own voice and abilities.

for anyone wondering what the two ongoing projects are, something many of you may not know about me is that I was a huge gaming nerd growing up! A huge part of what inspired me to be a musician professionally was my indulgence in game music and what made it tick. I was a programmer for a good part of my middle and high school days, and eventually came to a crossroads where I decided music was the greatest of my loves. That being said, the two projects are in fact related to this other passion of mine--they are video games! One game I am helping develop is being worked as independent developers between myself and two friends. It is a very unique platform style game for iPhone and iPad which uses the camera to display the game's background...this gives the appearance as though your game screen is transparent, or like you are playing on a piece of glass! I provided concept art and music for this project, and we hope to put it out on the app store for people to enjoy very soon!! The second project is still in pre-production right now and has barely started. It is an arcade style beat 'em up parodying the tokusatsu genre. I will be providing music as well as various facets of design work for this project as well! I'm very excited about these, and hope I can continue to be motivated to push forward.

Well...that's that. I'm making a really big decision here but it feels like it's the right thing to do. My only worry is that I'll continue to be mopey and not actually accomplish anything. It's high time I get off my butt and just force myself to do it though! Four years is long enough.
Current Mood: anxiousanxious